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Vardhika Iriawan

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How long does a shot take to complete?

- Shots can take varying amounts of time to complete depending on the complexity of the imagery. The average amount of time a shot takes to complete is usually a couple of days. But, some can be done in a day also a hour, others can take more than a month.


How much do you charge? What is your rate?

- The rate is based on category written on the rate card we usually give to client. My rate is negotiated when we bid on the work.


Is it possible for us to contract you full freelance team to work our Vfx project ?

- Yes you can, the equipment and software was coming from us, but our contract for full freelance team was at least 6 month, so you need to pay our operational freelance team for 6 month with term :

1. 20% when you already aggre to booked our vfx service and sign the working partnership contract.

2. 30% when your project already get inside our freelance studio HQ.

3. 50% when the project already  done with all the revision given.


For 6 month contract you full freelance service team, can we give you project more than one ?

- Yes you can


Can we contract your full freelance team service if our project base ouside your country ?

- Yes you can, we surely can work remote, you also can do skype conference with me 24 hour, and you have a right to see all the project runner through webcam / cctv, so you will know everyone is working at your project.


How can we know all the vfx create was like what we want ?

- I will send you every week preview and report for every scene that done by us, and from there you can directly mark which one need us to repair.


I’m working on a class project and have some questions I would like to ask you. Can you answer them and email them back to me? 

- In the past we have tried to take the time to respond to email inquiries regarding class projects. Due to the increasing number of requests we have been receiving, we can no longer spend the time to answer these questions on an individual basis. Hopefully, some of the questions posted here will help. We are delighted that so many people have an interest in the work we do, but unfortunately we don't have the resources to devote to these inquiries. You can send your question to

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